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Sealie's Current Schedule

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Sealie's Current Schedule Empty Sealie's Current Schedule

Post  Sealdorie Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:34 am

A lot of you know my life's been freakin crazy lately. Here's an outline of what to expect.

I can generally be on most nights between 7pm and 10-10:30PM EST- Monday's are iffy due to that being the day my projects are due.

Today (June 1st) I won't be online as my sister (Tragna) is graduating highschool and lives 2.5hrs away. So I'll be driving up that way for the 7pm ceremony.

If you need me- Several members of the LS have my cell phone number, and I've freely given out my yahoo messenger ID in LS. If you don't have it get it from me or someone else (yes guys with my number or ID you have permission to give them to LS members). Just identify yourself when contacting me so I know who you are. If I'm not near a computer I can send a message to any one of the sacks to see if they are- or at least I know to get to my computer ASAP.
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